Investing in Innovation, Security, and Sustainability for Tomorrow's World

FNX leverages an expansive network of seasoned professionals, co-investors, and industry specialists.

This network is a cornerstone in our strategy to guide entrepreneurs towards achieving their business and product development aspirations, with a keen focus on markets across Europe and North America.

Our profound expertise in security,protection, and engineering enables us to uniquely create value, adeptly managerisk, and drive performance with unmatched focus and flexibility.

We are more than just investors; we are partners in accelerating and scaling your business.

How to apply
FNX is your partner

Our purpose

coupled with access to our comprehensive network of key operators

Our approach includes

Early-stage funding

Strategic organizational guidance

Proven market advice

FNX's investment horizon spans across the Benelux, France, and Germany.

We invite you to explore the specific industries, use cases, and technologies we are eager to support, detailed below.

Physical Security
Operational and Mission Planning
Threat Detection
Training and Development
Equity or loan

A long terme vision

Our ultimate objective is consistent:to intensify our investment in subsequent rounds, particularly as startupsdemonstrate their potential and transition into their scaling phase.

While weoffer startups the choice between equity investment and convertible loans forour initial investment, our long-term vision is firmly set on acquiring equityownership in thriving companies.

Our investment strategy

It is based on extensive experience in early-stage venture capital, is meticulously tailored to different stages of investment:

  • At the pre-seed stage, our initial investment of around €200k is strategically designed to help startups gain their first significant commercial traction.
  • At the seed stage, weescalate our support with investments starting from €500k to bolster startupsin confirming their commercial viability and accelerating their growth.
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At FNX, we're on a mission to partner with visionary entrepreneurs and groundbreaking startups. If you're innovating in cybersecurity, dual-use technologies or developing cutting-edge new material(s), we want to hear from you.