We dare to invest in companies developing distinctive solutions for sustainable growth within a global context.

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Our ambition

Make the world a better, safer, and more sustainable place to live

Empowering Innovation
for Safety

We are driven by the conviction that true innovation flourishes in an environment where security is foundational

Shaping the Future of Security and Sustainability

Our commitment is to back companies that not only address today's security concerns but are also prepared to anticipate and adapt to the trends of tomorrow

Trust as the New Standard

Backing innovators dedicated to protecting digital and physical worlds, ensuring a future of trust, security, and sustainability in balance

Our values

Where Innovation Meets
Impact and Growth


We support bold companies with bold moves. We do so because we believe it is crucial to invest in atypical projects in order to put things in motion ; visionary projects that carry innovative solutions. We do not go against the current. We create it to help entrepreneurs shape the world of tomorrow.


Normal is boring. At FNX, we believe in creativity in its purest form. This is why we invest in distinctive solutions capable of shaping a better future.


We strongly believe that transparency and honesty engineer a more insightful and balanced world. This conviction drives us to support entrepreneurs carrying innovative and long-term projects.

About us

Introducing FNX — Pioneering Innovation and Security

FNX was launched by Herstal Group (a leading company in the defence sector) and Wallonie Entreprendre (a financial holding company and Venture Capital tech investor).

WE brings its VC and startups support expertise while HG's technical, technological, and business expertise should contribute to the success of your company. FNX is a "Human investor” (direct, concrete, pragmatic, supportive, honest & benevolent), eager to support startups in their development and growth.

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FNX is a co- investors

Strategic Partnership

FNX leverages an expansive network of seasoned professionals, co-investors, and industry specialists.

This network is a cornerstone in our strategy to guide entrepreneurs towards achieving their business and product development aspirations, with a keen focus on markets across Europe and North America.

Investment focus
Transform Your Vision into Reality with FNX

Ready to Be Our Next Success Story?

At FNX, we're on a mission to partner with visionary entrepreneurs and groundbreaking startups. If you're innovating in cybersecurity, dual-use technologies or developing cutting-edge new material(s), we want to hear from you.